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RK Financial Wellness

November 29, 2017 About Rk Financial Wellness 0
Rk Financial Wellness
Rk Financial WellnessWelcome to RK Financial Wellness!
We appreciate your time to look over what we have to offer your company and its employees.

Empowering Employees Toward Financial Literacy.

What’s in it for Employer?


  • Add financial literacy to your wellness programs.
  • Educate employees on your benefits.
    • Make sure employees understand their options.
    • Employees will appreciate what the employer is currently offering.
  • Increase employee productivity.
  • Reduce employee financial stress.
  • Employee retention.

Employees will be enlightened to financial terminology and solutions to common financial issues and needs. They will also have the ability to create their own personal financial plan with the help of a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®).

  • Live Customized Financial Management Workshop Presentation at Employer office for employees.
  • Worksheets for employees to complete to insure they gain the knowledge they need to move forward after the workshop.
  • Financial Goal Plan for Employee.
    • Employee can complete and submit 2 page basic retirement input paper form and we will email them retirement goal report. We create the retirement plan online using our software.
    • Employer emails employee link to our plan data gathering software to guide them to create their own CFP® guided data input in order to create a financial plan. This plan is created online and will include a gauge the probability of success of their desired goals.


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