Wellness Program


Engaging & Empowering

RK Financial Wellness offers, an efficient way for you to add the critical Benefits of a Financial Wellness Program, that is fully Customizable.

A Personalized Approach

We Do an In House Workshop. A CFP® will come and give your employees the benefit of an educational Workshop. There are 5 to choose from for which you get to pick from. With the ability to have a Q&A at the end. Real Advice From a CFP®.

Helping your Diverse Set of Employees

Lets get you the perfect solution!

Educational Workshops

Below is a list of each In House Educational Workshops.

Financial and Life Organization

Overwhelmed with all the bills, financial statements, passwords and important documents?  We’ll spend the time helping your employees organize their financial life and verify they have important documents signed, saved and communicated.

Retirement Planning

An in-depth workshop aimed at helping employees identify their retirement goals and creating a plan to achieve it.  We’ll engage them with their own 401-k’s and educate them on their choices and how they fit into their goals and wishes. Using the MyMoneyGuidePro software, we can chart the path the employee is on and help forecast if he/she will reach their goals.

Savings and Investing

Investing 101. We’ll walk the employees through the complex world of investments and decipher the difference between stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETF’s. Lastly, we’ll walk through planning for college and goal saving.

Control Your Cash Flow and Debt Elimination

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”  This workshop will educate employees to make a plan through crafting a budget and simple tools for debt elimination. Learn how to Budget with-in your means, without the sacrifice of your needs.


Protect What You Have!Deductible?  HSA?  FSA?  Co-Pay? Whole Life or Term Life? A workshop designed to decipher the alphabet soup of all insurance types and the insurance benefits you provide. We’ll, also, discuss how much insurance is needed and how to save money on purchasing insurance.


Five Different IN HOUSE Educational Seminars to choose from. Your Employees then go on to take an evaluation. They continue the process with their personalized habit changing financial goal plan.

A Savings for your Business

Why do employers increasingly care about helping workers achieve financial security? Simple. Financial distractions cost companies money.

 Those who are stressed are more likely to be distracted by their finances at work, miss work due to their personal financial issues and cite health issues caused by financial stress. You can increase employee productivity and reduce employee financial stress. In the end you will have better employee retention.