Empowering Your Employees Toward Financial Literacy

Help your employees create a secure financial future and achieve their goals in retirement.

Relieving Financial Stress in Your Workplace.

81% of American Employees say that financial problems have affected their productivity.
44% of Employees are delaying Retirement and payroll costs go up!

What’s in it for You?

Why do employers increasingly care about helping workers achieve financial security? Simple. Financial distractions cost companies money.

 Those who are stressed are more likely to be distracted by their finances at work, miss work due to their personal financial issues and cite health issues caused by financial stress. You can increase employee productivity and reduce employee financial stress. In the end you will have better employee retention.

“84% of 141 large and mid-sized companies surveyed now have financial wellness programs!”


Employees Feel More Secure




Certified Financial Planners

Our Process

Employee Financial Enlightenment

47% of employees are concerned about keeping their personal finances seperate from work.

We Customize a Financial Management Workshop Presentation at your office for your employees. After the workshop, assessments are provided for the employees to complete to insure they gain the knowledge they need to move forward. We then personalize a Financial Goal Plan for each Employee.

Financial Education Workshops

Lets Educate employees on your benefits, In house, hands on CFP® interact to create knowledge and change habits.

Our Seminars

Employee Habit Changing Plan

Employees gain the knowledge they need to move forward after the workshop and work toward their goals.

Employee Assessment

Goal and Financial Enlightenment

Your Employee is left with a well understanding of their finances and how to obtain their goals.

Wellness Program

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Build Up Your Team

Your Employees Will Thank You

Employees will be enlightened to financial terminology and solutions to common financial issues and needs. They will also have the ability to create their own personal financial plan with the help of a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®).

Employee Assessment

8 of 10 American emplyees are concerned about not having enough money in retirement.


Our Awesome Educational Team

Certified Financial Planners with over 40 years of experience in Financial Education.

Chris Kalivas

CFP®, Co-founder & CEO

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Brad Rosley

CFP®, Co-founder & CEO

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Its Your Turn!

Make the Difference in your Employees Financial Future.